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My first showreel!!

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For COLORAfestival

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"Only madness is a guarantee that you won’t be unhappy"

(from the film, Birds, orphans and fools, by Juraj Jakubisko)

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ANIFILM - sketches02

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ANIFILM - sketches01

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A project I did for Ian Keeble at VSMU Bratislava.
Music and sound, by Vahe Grigorjan.
Actress: Alicia del Cura
Actor: Carlos Ibañez Navarro

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ANIMAL MOVEMENTS, An exercise at VSMU, Bratislava.  
(I used different techniques: sand animation, paint, pencils, digital, scraps of colored paper,..)
With beautiful sound/music by Vahe Grigorjan
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Project group stop motion, last year

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(BG) ideas for short

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Women aren’t objects!

Women aren’t objects!

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Homemade pen pocket

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